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June 2022

Piano, Guitar and Violin Lessons 2022/23

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Registration is open for Piano, Guitar, Violin and Voice lessons

We have private lesson spots available for piano, guitar, violin and voice lessons, traditional or Suzuki methods, for the 2022/23 school year.  Please register soon so we can find a spot that will work for you, or contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Wilton Academy is very excited to welcome our new violin instructor, Concertmaster Michael Swan from the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, who will be offering private lessons at our studios.  Please register soon as spots are limited.

All lessons are held at our St John’s studios, 816 Spadina Cres (building behind the cathedral).

Early Childhood Music classes 2022/23

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Registration is Now Open for all 2022/23 Early Childhood Music Classes

Our new class schedule is posted below, along with class codes for registration.
There are also a few spots remaining for private instrumental lessons in piano, guitar, violin and voice (traditional or Suzuki methods).
Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Ages 0 to 36 months
Parenting With Music (PWM) – $275 – Half year class, fall or winter
Wed   9:30 (PWM-W-fall)
Wed   9:30 (PWM-W-winter)
Sat     9:30 (PWM-S-fall)
Sat     9:30 (PWM-S-winter)

Ages 3 to 6 years
Music in Early Childhood (MEC) – $550 – Full year class

MEC3 – age 3 (must turn 3 before Dec 31)  * MEC3 is a parented class
Wed 10:30 (MEC3-W)
Sat   10:30 (MEC3-S)

MEC4/5 – age 4 and 5 (must turn 4 before Dec 31)  *children attend without parents
Wed 11:30 (MEC4/5-W)
Sat   11:30 (MEC4/5-S)

MEC5/6 – age 5 and 6 (must turn 5 before July 31)  *children attend without parents
Sat    1:00 (MEC5/6-S)

Visit our website for detailed class descriptions on our “Programs” page:

All classes:  St John’s Parish Hall, 816 Spadina Cres  (building behind the cathedral)