Early Childhood Music Classes (PWM + MEC) – CANCELLATION POLICY:

Parenting With Music (PWM) – Tuition fees are based on 1 semester (Sep-Nov or Jan-Mar)
Music In Early Childhood (MEC) – Tuition fees are based on full year (Sep-Mar)

Full tuition fee minus $50.00 will be returned for participant cancellation occurring no later than 2 weeks prior to the course start date. No refunds will be processed after this time.   Non-attendance does not constitute notice of withdrawal.  Wilton Academy of Music reserves the right to cancel any program due to insufficient registration and will provide full refunds at that time.  If cancellation of classes is required due to public health orders, Wilton Academy will refund remaining tuition less a $25 admin fee if it appears that make-up classes will not be possible.

Missed classes: are your responsibility – there are no make-up classes offered, and there are no substitutions to other class sessions allowed.

Sibling Policy:  For our parented classes, age 0-36 months (PWM) and 3 year old classes (MEC3), we require one adult per child.  To ensure the best possible experience for you and your child, and all other participants, please do not bring siblings to class (this includes newborns).  If you would like to register 2 children for the same class, a second adult must attend.  This could be a parent, grandparent or friend.
If you have any questions, please contact the owner, Nicole Wilton at [email protected]


Private Instrumental Lessons – CANCELLATION POLICY:

Tuition fees are based on 32 lessons  (Sep-Jun)
Notice to terminate private lessons must be made in writing (by mail or email) to Wilton Academy of Music 30 days prior to intended withdrawal.

  • Cancellation prior to September 1st:  A fee of 10% of total annual tuition will be withheld from the paid tuition – the remaining tuition will be refunded.
  • Cancellation prior to October 31st:  A fee of 30% of total annual tuition (plus the value of any lessons already received) will be withheld from the paid tuition – the remaining tuition will be refunded.
  • NO lesson refunds will be processed after October 31st.

Wilton Academy of Music reserves the right to terminate any registration for non-payment of tuition.
If you have any questions please call Nicole Wilton at [email protected]

Missed Lesson Policy:  If the teacher cancels a lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled. If the student fails to show for an agreed rescheduled lesson time, the lesson is forfeited.

  • Student absence from a lesson will not result in rescheduled lessons, credits or refunds (this includes illness, vacations or conflicts with other activities).
  • Tardiness:  No extended time is given if you are late for your lesson – the lesson following yours must start at the scheduled time.

Sibling Policy:  Any sibling present at a lesson MUST be supervised by the parent at all times either in the lesson room or in the waiting area only. All other areas of the school are off limits. Please have them seated quietly beside you and not roaming the building.  If this is not possible, we ask that you please make alternate arrangements for the sibling in order to create the best environment for the child taking lessons.  Thank you for your cooperation.