2022/2023 Classes


  • Parenting With Music (PWM) classes for age 0 to 36 months are offered as 10 week sessions.  You can register for Fall or Winter, or both. 
  • Music in Early Childhood (MEC) classes for age 3, 4, 5 and 6 are 20 week sessions (full year) which run from September through March.  Late registrations will be accepted throughout the year if there is space available.


Ages 0 to 36 months
Parenting With Music (PWM)

0 to 36 months ($275)    Class Code
Wed   9:30am, Sep-Nov   PWM-W-fall
Sat     9:30am, Sep-Nov   PWM-S-fall
Wed   9:30am, Jan-Mar    PWM-W-winter
Sat     9:30am, Jan-Mar    PWM-S-winter

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Ages 3 to 6 years
Music in Early Childhood (MEC) 

3 year olds   ($550) – child must be age 3 or older by Dec 30
                                             Class Code
Sat    10:30am,  Sep-Mar  MEC3-S

Fri   10:30am,  Sep-Mar  MEC3/4-Elrose  (New)
(note: this Elrose class for age 3+4 begins Sep 23 and is not parented)

4/5 year olds   ($550) – child must be age 4 or older by Dec 30
                                             Class Code
Wed  10:30am,  Sep-Mar  MEC4/5-W
Sat    11:30am,  Sep-Mar   MEC4/5-S
Sat     2:00pm,  Sep-Mar   MEC4/5-S2  (New)

5/6 year olds   ($550) – child must be age 5 or older by Dec 30
                                             Class Code
Sat     1:00pm,  Sep-Mar   MEC5/6-S

St. John’s Parish Hall, 816 Spadina Cres (building behind Cathedral)

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