Education research suggests that of all stages of life, infancy is the time when music has the most impact.  Share the joy of music-making with your infant and stimulate his/her musical interest and growth during this critical time.  Singing to and with infants or saying rhymes and chants provides a wonderful communication between parents and child. It also establishes a foundation for later development in language, mathematics, music and movement.

We offer 2 different programs for parents (or grandparents) with babies:  Parenting With Music (PWM)  and  Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SEC).


Parenting With Music  (PWM)

  • Parenting with Music is a single semester parent/baby program with start dates in September or January.
  • PWM is for ages 12 to 36 months with parents.
  • Classes are held once per week for 45 minutes.
  • This program teaches you and your child traditional nursery repertoire, finger and toe plays, bouncing rhymes, lullabies and songs.
How the Parenting With Music (PWM) program differs from our Suzuki Early Childhood (SEC) classes:
  • PWM is more age specific, geared toward 12 to 36 months of age, whereas SEC is a mixed age class with 0 to 36 month-olds together.
  • PWM offers more diverse curriculum choices with new material added weekly.
  • SEC is a team-taught class, having a repetitive and spiraled curriculum with the Suzuki philosophy underpinnings.  (More details below)

Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SEC)

  • SEC is a single semester parent/baby program that is team-taught by two experienced Suzuki teachers per class.   Start dates are in September or January.
  • SEC is for age birth to 36 months.
  • Classes are held once per week for 45 minutes.
  • This program allows you to explore the Suzuki philosophy and prepares you and your child for future Suzuki instruction, with the goal of having your child play an instrument at an early age.
  • Our instructors are trained in a comprehensive teacher-training program approved by the SAA (Suzuki Association of the Americas) and the ISA (International Suzuki Association).
  • The Suzuki Early Childhood (SEC) class complements our Parenting with Music program.
  • Registration is ongoing and accepted at any time throughout the year.
The Suzuki Philosophy
  • Every child can learn
  • Ability develops early
  • Environment nurtures growth
  • Parental involvement is critical
  • Children learn from one another
  • Success breeds success
  • Encouragement is essential

“This class provides meaningful opportunities for children to take turns, to watch and to listen to other children, to experiment with a variety of instruments in a purposeful way, and to take joy in their own success and in the success of other children in the class. It provided structure and repetition which are both essential in a learning environment for any child but especially for a child like my son, who is often more tenacious and spirited than I can handle! We knew what to expect and my children were far more willing and able to “practice” at home during the rest of the week….something that I have not seen happen with other classes because of the lack of repetition. Also, I gained valuable parenting insights from Suzuki philosophy, which the teachers provided both implicitly and explicitly with each class.”  (Charissa Flaman, past parent participant)